And Now RBC is a Pimple on MY Butt

I know all banks are the same. Previously we had issues with CIBC but now, it’s RBC.

Is it time to find a good dermatologist or just start exfoliating?

My brother and I are trying to simplify my mom’s investments, give her more flexibility and reduce expenses. She wanted to move her money to RBC because my brother works for their insurance wing and the fees are commiserate with other discount brokers so I was willing to go along with it.

Is it really too much to hope that these people would know what they were doing?

Stupid, stupid us.

But what are our options?

I’m with Questrade right now but I haven’t gotten into it so much that I can say anything either way, yet.

The issue right now is a continuation of another glitch we had earlier. We were hoping to consolidate my mom’s RRSP account and another that had not been converted to a RRIF- not sure why right now but that is irrelevant. We wanted to combine the two RRSPs just to simplify the administration but RBC couldn’t “find” the money for over a week. Right.

Fine, there was nothing we could do but wait and when they “found” the money we pull the paperwork together and went into an RBC branch to get some yahoo to witness our signatures only to be told it was not necessary. Huh? We did that the last time and my brother is generally a stickler about this stuff.

The guy at RBC looked at us like goombas and I pointedly asked several times to make sure he was right.

Well, it turns out, he was wrong.

Another yahoo on the phone- granted, he didn’t seem to have a good grasp of the English language- proceeds to tell me I screwed up the forms and I told him he should talk to someone at RBC to get people trained properly.

So now, we have to fill out another set of the same forms, go back to the first yahoo who screwed up in the first place and do this dance all over again. Apparently my bank (PC Financial) will not verify account information though I did point out this did not seem to be a problem when we did this the first time to get trading authorization on the other accounts. I was quietly irate and not so subtly sarcastic at this point and asked Tony why this was. His brilliant response?

“I don’t know.”


I’ll have to break this to my mom and she will sigh (heavily) and wonder why we ever moved almost everything from CIBC in the first place….



~ by angryegg on February 23, 2011.

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