Apple Genius Restores My Faith in Humanity

So I had a crappy customer service experience with RBC (that continues but I won’t bore you further unless I end up in jail over it) but it was more than balanced by the great service I received at the Genius Bar of the Apple store in the Eaton Centre last night.

Of course it didn’t hurt that the Genius who helped me was cute.

I took my friend’s advice and booked an appointment because the place is ALWAYS a zoo. I got there just before my 6 o’clock appointment and I heard someone say that they were a bit behind- kind of like going in to see a doctor. I was prepared and came armed with my fully charged iPod and reading material.

I was sitting on one of the very high stools (is there a step stool I can use to hoist myself up?). A girl with silver/white hair and ridiculous makeup sat next to me because she was having Nano issues. They replaced her Nano a couple days ago but it was giving her problems again. She saw the Genius who helped her the other day and jumped the queue to get him to help her again. The problem? It wasn’t fully charged. I almost laughed out loud.

I am such a bitch.

I digress….

That was one thing I actually made sure of- my computer was fully charged before I brought it in. I am about the furthest thing from a techie you can get but I didn’t want THAT to be an issue.

Another (small) aside- was I the only person in the store without tats?

I delayed going in because I was in denial. I did not want to hear my laptop was toast. The thought of going back to a PC makes me itch and it would hurt to replace it with another Apple computer. I asked an IT friend of mine to look at it (hoping it was just something silly) and bugged him for a few days when the problem persisted but I had to put it on hold because I was in Mexico last week.

I don’t know what I was hoping- that my computer would magically fix itself while I was away. It worked the day I got back and then it decided enough was enough.

I wouldn’t say I had a panic attack (okay, maybe a small one) but I really had nothing to lose by taking it in. The worst that could happen is the cost of repairs would be too great and it would just become a very cumbersome and expensive iPod recharger. Best case, it wouldn’t take too much to repair and I could squeeze another year or two out of it.

It turned out to be the latter. He said it was just the back light. If I never took the laptop anywhere I could just get some cables and hook it up to my t.v. but for less than two bills, let’s try to fix it. He also pointed out some chipping on the laptop and said this was due to a design flaw so they would replace it for free and recommended that I put a cloth on it to prevent further chippage.


But the bonus fries didn’t stop there.

When he entered the order, there was some sort of bundling of work (?) so I would not be charged for labour. I was astonished and did a big “Whoohoo!” and happy dance- mentally of course.

All in, it will cost me about $60- if it works. I am doing a happy dance just thinking about it now.

What does it say that all he did was treat me like a human being and I was ready to marry him? (Don’t poke out your eye- I’ll save that for another post.)

It is SO hard to find good customer service these days (a lesson for all you fat cat banks). The kind of loyalty (Apple forever!!!) and free marketing you get from what should be standard is priceless. I may bitch about companies that treat me like sh!t but I will also praise people and companies to the rafters if I am treated with respect- and I am not the only one who will do this.

So, thank you again Dylan- even if my laptop does not come back whole- for restoring my faith in mankind.


~ by angryegg on February 24, 2011.

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