2013 CMW Day 4- Roundup on the Rush

I have 30 minutes to get this out before heading back to the Aussie BBQ at the Horseshoe for an Aussie Sizzler (does that sound as dirty to you as it does to me?) and some Aussie grown tunes.

So, without further adieu, here goes:

The day started at the Church of the Holy Trinity for a free show and I was late, of course. Folly and the Hunter, an indie folk band from Montreal, were just finishing their thunderous set (it is a Church after all). I heard enough to want to see them again- and I was to get that chance (thank you VIP wristband).

Next on deck was Aidan Knight, a singer-songwriter from Victoria. Nice to look at, he has a deep dreamy voice and I am predisposed to giving bonus points to someone who comes with horns (of the brass kind) as back-up.

We rushed over to the CBC Acoustic Lounge in the Marriott on Bay.

Reuben and the Dark were up first. They hooked us with their harmonies but they made us change our plans (and break my CMW rules to pick and choose bands by) with their hilarious banter. They were funny- especially when recounting a story from the precious night about how they went from sober to blackout drunk on 2 and a half beers…. My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing- I am sure everyone else in the lounge were ready to club us.

Folly and the Hunter were up next and you really got a chance to hear their beautiful harmonies. Though I only got the briefest of glimpses into their full set, I much prefer the stripped down version.

Mo Kennedy, a musician from out east shared the next set with Rachel Sermanni, out of Ireland. We were robbed. I could have listened to each of them for hours. There styles were complimentary- smart, witty lyrics, beautiful voices. They could teach a master class in how to be a singer songwriter.

The Treasures closed the afternoon, just as they opened the bar. Good times. A little rock-a-billy, bluegrass, good harmonies (a theme perhaps?). They must play at The Dakota. If they don’t, they should.

I started off the evening at Lee’s Palace for Reuben and the Dark- the first band I will have seen twice this CMW, on purpose. I felt that there were some sound issues but they were still funny and it was an interesting contrast to their earlier set. It was a bit more energetic but I am hard-pressed to pick between the two sets. My only “criticism”? More banter.

I decided to be a lazy sh!t and stayed for the local band, Lowell. There were some singer-songwriters I had contemplated seeing but they would have been found wanting in comparison to Mo and Rachel so I talked myself out of a venue change. I would come to regret this. The loops were ANNOYING- and it only really works if the vocalist’s voice is incredible or the music is superior. Unfortunately, it was neither.

I was Horseshoe bound and caught the last few songs by Young Rival, a band that I had seen before. They were better than I remember but considering what I had just endured….

I was in a bit of a pissy mood- that tends to happen when 6 ft+ douchebags stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! (I stand a little under 5’2″ in one inch heels.) As it turns out, this was the perfect attitude for Savages. The drummer was super bad ass, the bassist rocked it out hard, the guitarist looked like she was one of the founding members of Elastica (I want to be her friend) and the intensity of the lead singer was almost scary. She is the punk-ass lovechild of Siouxsie (of the Banshees), picture-tearing Sinead O’Connor and Tankgirl. They kicked total punk ass.

The Garrison featured Funeral Suits. the music was good but the inaudible vocals killed it for me- again. I don’t know if it was the sound system or if this was an artistic choice. I have to remain neutral on them- though I am going to give the lead singer’s headband a thumb’s down.

The “secret” band turned out to be A Place to Bury Strangers from Brooklyn. I had trouble seeing the stage- being able to see through the bodies of giants is not my superpower. As it turned out, not a problem. They had the fog machine going full blast and one could see no more than shadows. I felt like an extra in a Ministry music video. I would have liked them better if I hadn’t already been saturated by angry music and the douchebaggery of my fellow concert goers.

I have to fly. Music and food awaits.


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