Dream Jobs

  1. Getting paid to travel and eat…Damn you Anthony Bourdain- you have my life!
  2. Bass-chick back-up singer in a band…. Don’t have a bass, will settle for singing.
  3. To be the host/camera chick/sound person for World’s Most Extreme Homes…. Travel and the opportunity to poke around someone’s home.
  4. Become a real estate mogul and use my powers for the forces of good and not evil.
  5. Open a restaurant/cafe/gallery and offer cooking classes in the off hours.

One Response to “Dream Jobs”

  1. You know you could get paid to travel, maybe not just to eat, but to visit different places and write about it.
    My first Toronto job out journalism school was at a weekly travel trade mag Travekweek, which operates out of Richmond and Sherbourne.
    While most of the time I was not travelling, about six times a year I got to go to places like South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, Barbados, Cuba and so forth.
    It was not as glamourous as it sounds, while the trips were sponsored by a travel operator so it was business meeting and my time was scheduled by them.
    However, I suggest you apply for a job at a travel mag. There are some freelance travel writers as well, but you’d have to pitch the idea to a newspaper or magazine ahead of time and then either pay for the trip yourself and use the money from the article to payoff the trip. Or once you have written a few published travel pieces, you could probably approach a big travel operator like SIgnature Vacations and ask about going on one of their fams (a “familiarization trip” paid for by the tour operator, airline, tourists board etc so travel agents and writers are familiar with their new hotels, destinations, etc).
    If you are just fantasizing about being a travel food writer, cool. But if really is your dream job, I would call a current writer doing that job and ask them how they got into the biz.

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