Day 17: Toronto Garbage Strike…Good Intention Hits Snags

One day after the announcement of a community compost bin downtown, word came down from Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment stating this did not comply with the Environmental Protection Act.


The complication arises with the acceptance of waste from multiple sources. It needs to be monitored, stored and handled properly, odours need to be controlled and security is required to ensure that these measures are enforced.

This site is to be shut down or an application for a certificate needs to be made. This would require an administration fee of $200 (of course it does) and additional sums depending on the size of the site.

I understand that rules and regulations are in place to make sure the public at large is protected but at what point does this get in the way?

I have been reading some reader comments regarding the seeming lack of input from environmental groups regarding options that people have. Information is out there- like it always is but people tend to do what is expedient. And what is easy right now is chucking everything in a garbage bag and get rid of it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

After all, this strike isn’t our fault. We are just coping as best as we can.

Blah, blah, blah.

I have been hearing stories how some people are accepting compostable items in their own backyard compost bins. This is what I am doing at the office. I wonder if we are violating the same regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Act?

I probably sound like a broken record but the best thing really is to set up a compost heap in your backyard. People are so afraid of vermin but if it is done properly, that should not be an issue. As with all things that are new, it can be a tough sell, but faced with the growing mountains of rancid garbage that are piling up in the temporary dump sites around the city, this may be the lesser of two evils.


~ by angryegg on July 8, 2009.

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