Day 19: Toronto Garbage Strike…. Small Personal Victory

People have been lamenting the fact that the summer has been cool.

I am in the minority who is thrilled that the highs have been hovering in the high teens and low 20’s but that is about to change. The weather is going to comply and give the majority what they want- seasonal temperatures.

But since the strike has managed to drag itself into Day 19, will this be a case of be careful what you wish for?

People have been complaining about the odour- pretty much since Day 1. What do you think will happen when you crank it up? It will be worse than getting stuck on a crowded subway beside a guy who doesn’t understand that deodorant is a good thing.

Is it any surprise that 67% disapprove of Mayor Miller’s handling of the situation? But he still fares better than the two striking unions who are looking at 76% disapproval. Interestingly enough, while garbage collection is foremost on the minds of Torontonians only 21% have brought trash to the dump sites. People are either lying or this 21% are taking advantage of the situation.

But where does that leave us? We are still at an impasse.

Since there doesn’t seem to be an end to the strike in sight, I have to hold onto small victories.

I was waiting for the coffee to brew this morning (thanks again to the people who leave a thimbleful in the pot and walk away) when someone asked where the compost collected in the freezer goes. It lands in a backyard composter and is eventually used as fertilizer. He asked if it would be okay to bring compostable items from home- even though his green bin recycling continues to be collected. (He lives in a condo.)

I was pleasantly shocked and amazed. I outlined what could and could not go into the compost- which is very different from the green bin. It remains to be seen if he actually does it but I will take it and run. I am going to drag as many people in my office over to the side of right as I can without beating them over the head with it. I’ll leave physical violence as a last resort.

Just don’t tell the Minister of the Environment know about this.



~ by angryegg on July 10, 2009.

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