Ewert & TTD Makes Me Giddy

I picked up tickets to see them when they come back to Toronto October 22nd.


I was practically doing a happy dance on College coming back from Soundscapes with my tickets tucked safely in my wallet.

It made me late to see Kevin Kane (formerly of Grapes of Wrath) at a little street festival on Bloor. I had forgotten how much I used to love this band in high school- O Lucky Man, All the Things I Wasn’t. Thank you exclaim.ca and hipper-than-thou Saving Gigi for putting this together.

Ah, where was I?

Tickets are only $11.50 ($13 with the surcharge.) As of 10:15pm, August 18th, tickets are still available but once Ewert and the Two Dragons’ very ardent Estonian fanbase gets wind of their pending arrival, you can kiss this opportunity to see them good-bye. The venue (The Garrison) is pretty small and I can’t see how this will not sell out.

I will eat my manky flip-flops if the place isn’t full to bursting.

Please don’t make me eat rubber- come find me at the concert instead and see the best band (in my humble opinion) from this year’s Canadian Music Week- I’ll be the short one surrounded by very enthusiastic and adoring blond giants!


~ by angryegg on August 18, 2012.

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