Vote Dammit!

We will be in the throes of yet another election soon but I won’t be here to watch the drama unfold.

Thankfully I’ll still be able to cast my ballot in advanced polls until the 30th.

I have actually been stressing about this ever since we realized our trip to Germany was going to collide with the provincial election.

That makes me sound like a monumental nerd, doesn’t it?

I can’t help it.

Voting is such an important responsibility. People in other countries die for this privilege while the majority of Canadians piss it away.

Does anyone think this is why we get the governments we deserve- god help us.

And this time, do we deserve a replay of the Harris years and the so-called “Common Sense Revolution”? Are we in for a CSR Redux with Hudak?

If I were a religious person, I would be praying and lighting candles that this doesn’t come to pass.

I don’t think this province could take it. The measures enacted by Harris crippled Ontario- and we are still feeling the pain of that legacy. To his credit, Harris did everything he said he would do. People protested and yet they voted him in with a majority a second time.

That made a lot of sense.

Is it really that easy for people to get taken in by promises of tax cuts? Do people really expect to get tax cuts and then not have to deal with cuts (to services) elsewhere to balance the equation?

People tend to glom onto one issue, generally a self-serving one. If a political party can get one stuck into a voter’s head, game over, move to the next for indoctrination.

If I were to vote with a strictly self-serving agenda, I would be voting conservative.

Will that happen?

When. Pigs. Fly.

I’ve had a very frustrating email conversation with someone that spanned the topics of fashion, weather, responsible pet ownership and politics. She decries the loss/absence of common sense while in the next breath refuses to dress in layers because the weather has no business going from 12°C to 21°C within an eight hour period. Okay.

Unfortunately, she also votes with the same aplomb. She hates all political parties, calling politicians cheats, thieves and liars- so she votes for someone without a chance in hell of winning.

While I think politicians will say anything to get elected and do anything to stay in office, I have a real problem with voting by pure happenstance, a dart on the board, a name pulled out of a hat.

I know someone who met Hudak about 10 years ago. He remembers him as a “nice guy” and plans to vote for him on the basis of this random meeting. WTF?

What frightens me is that more people probably vote like this than care about the issues.

People are chumps.

I would rather have someone spoil their ballot in frustration and protest than just to pick a name that sounds like a character in a Hollywood romcom or because they kiss babies.

Despite my misgivings at least they are voting.


~ by angryegg on September 23, 2011.

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