Shopping for Swimmers, Part 3


My search hasn’t been long but there were more obstacles than anticipated.

I only had one option considering my position on the pending list. There is no guarantee the wait would be fruitful…back to the drawing board.

I am willing to wait a month but to possibly wait significantly longer? I was going to take the counselor’s advice and have a fallback or two.

I checked out another site that allows you to download the free profile but there weren’t any donors that “grabbed” me. The one person in this group with potential had a lot of health issues in his family. I know it is all a crap shoot but it didn’t feel like the right choice- and I wouldn’t be making the right choice for the right reasons.

So I went back to my original download to look at the profiles I crossed off in pencil. I started to make another list and realized I had accidentally omitted one name off the first list of candidates. His was on the last page. The paper clip had obscured his listing. (Damn paperclip!)

I am not overly superstitious (shocking considering my Chinese background) but I saw it as a sign.

I requested another seven profiles from the very patient coordinator and reviewed them over lunch.

The one I missed was amazing!

He was neck and neck with my original first choice.

I ordered the long profile even though no units would be available until later in the week (perfect timing for me actually) and there was a pending list for him. I joked with the coordinator that OF COURSE I would have to get in line for this one as well.

Can I pick ‘em or can I pick ‘em?

One look at his long profile and I knew he was the one.

I emailed to be put on the wait list and I was number three AGAIN!!!

I’m #3! I’m #3! It has kind of become my mantra.

But the coordinator was wonderful and assured me she would do everything she could to get me what I needed.

She asked how many units I wanted.

Three, of course.

And what was so special about this guy?

What he wrote about his family, especially his sisters and his parents. There was a real sense of warmth and pride. The clincher was his essay. He is the perfect guy. If he were on eHarmony, I’d ask him to marry me. (Too aggressive?)

I was uncomfortable going with just anyone. I know these guys are screened until the cows come home but this person just felt right. If I am lucky enough to have kids after going through this surreal and emotional process, this person could become a part of my (our) life. When the kid(s) turn 18, they may choose to look for their biological father….

But those are considerations for another time. This was just one step in a long and crazy process I never thought I would be part of and there are many more (potentially rough) stages to go through.


~ by angryegg on December 9, 2010.

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