Ding Dong?

My mom and I were in Kensington Market this morning.  She was on her way to Chinatown (for mah jong) and I was heading into work.

We were minding our business, talking about picking up some ginger when we hear a chatter behind us. I turned and this guy was trying to get our attention because he wanted to pass us on his bike.

All I heard was “Ding Dong” said in such a way that was completely derogatory.


Am I being overly sensitive? To me it had rascist undertones.

I said, “You could try saying ‘excuse me,'” but we moved aside anyway.

Of course it didn’t matter he was on a bike and we were on the sidewalk so we weren’t in his way- he was, in fact, in ours.

Out of reflex, my mom apologized. I normally would too (bad habit) but I was pissed.

Get a bell, @sshole. Or better yet, don’t ride on the sidewalk.

He had the nerve to say mom had nothing to apologize for as I was explaining to her that he was being a rascist @ss. I hate pulling the race card but I thought it was appropriate.

I wanted to say that he should have apologized to us but it would have come out wrong because I was so mad.

I need to rant some more before I can let it go. I am just not ready to turn the other cheek yet.


~ by angryegg on July 31, 2010.

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