Taking the Plunge

I bought my place about 16 years ago and have been thinking about investing in real estate again ever since. Recently a friend of mine got his real estate license and I think I am going to dip my toe into that pond again.

Who am I kidding? I am going to jump in!

With eyes WIDE open, of course.

I am nervous. This is a lot bigger than considering the pros and cons of the purchase of an $800 pair of Italian boots. (Eternity 7040, so beautiful- I kind of hope they won’t fit over my monstrous calves).

The game has change a lot in 16 years but the market has cooled significantly in the last six months. It is now a buyer’s market in Toronto, though not as extreme as the mid-1980’s.

Actually, I feel slightly nauseous- I have an appointment to see a place in the Leaside area Monday. I trust my friend (very smart guy) and I am not a 20-something neophyte anymore (will be asking lots of questions and looking for a lot of analysis).

Feeling slightly sick is a good thing. It means I am doing something outside my comfort zone.

I have been playing it too safe (career, relationships, investing) and need to take some calculated risks. There is no rush but I want to be prepared to make that leap when the opportunity presents itself.

This will be fun (who doesn’t like snooping around in other people’s homes), stressful (lots of money and responsibility) and hopefully profitable (must get those PIGs in play, passive income generator).


~ by angryegg on July 28, 2010.

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