Polaris 24 Post Mortem

I’m exhausted.

Averaging about 2-4 hours of sleep the last three nights of the convention might have something to do with it….

But that is probably WAY more sleep than some people get.

My intention was to go to all three days but almost backed out because the ride via public transit is arduous, requiring a transfer from the TTC to the North York/Richmond Hill VIVA line. (I live downtown-ish and rarely venture north of St. Clair unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.) I had never taken VIVA transit before but it turned out to be pretty idiot-proof (colour coding is my friend)- except the machines spitting out tickets did not like my Toonie.

I decided to stick with my original plan because the panel line-up was pretty good and they were. I only walked out of one panel. I don’t want to be mean but there are some people…just don’t have the patience. They tend to completely dominate panels- even if it isn’t their own.

I also wanted to go to Klingon Karaoke but chickened out at the last minute. I am kicking myself now because one of the headlining guests, Kai Owen from Torchwood, was in the bar singing. Damn!!! Teaches me to be such a wuss.

I felt like a bit of a tour guide on Saturday because a friend of mine attended his first convention. I felt an obligation to make sure he enjoyed his first experience…. Okay, this is coming out all wrong.

We went to some of the panels, one of which has become a favourite (the current standard), some of the guest speakers (though he missed the funniest of this con), Ten Forward for beer (my previous cons had been dry, why, I don’t know???) and then the dance (which felt like a high school formal but would have been better if they had played our requests!!!)  That too was a first. I had never gone to the dances because I generally only go to the cons with my brother and I don’t dance with my brother. We would have gone to the Masquerade before the dance but there was a medical emergency delaying proceedings- that is when the drinking started.

The headlining guests were good. Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman) was super zen, Ethan Phillips (Nelix from Voyager) was funny (though I think he may have had too much caffeine before coming on stage and I wanted to give him a new piece of gum to chomp on), Alaina Huffman is a total babe (super jealous), Robin Dunn is super cute (and can talk but what was with the hair?) but my favourites were Kai Owen (the Welshman) and Mark Sheppard (an Irishman who has been in everything).

Let’s start with the karaoke singing Welshman. So funny and so profane- such a piss. Think a shirtless football fan at a game painted the colours of his favourite team. You want to hang out with him at the pub. I saw Kai at the dance but didn’t say anything- too shy. I don’t know why I let that get in the way- it’s not like he would ever remember me- even if I did or said something ridiculous.

Mark Sheppard tends to play the characters you would cross the street at night just so you would not to have to walk within striking distance- and then you’d turn a corner and run like hell. He is Crowley in Supernatural, the Director of the Ring Organization on Chuck, Badger on Firefly, Romo Lampkin on BSG, a killer who didn’t initially know he was a killer on Medium, the list goes on. He was incredibly charming, had the best stories about people he has worked with (Joss Whedon, Adam Baldwin) and incredibly genuine in his appreciation of SF fans- very much “us geeks are inheriting the earth.” I really loved his take on the characters he has played but I wish he was a little more forthcoming with Supernatural shenanigans.

There are a lot of panels (I attended too many to go into any great detail) but if you see the following names it is as good as a guarantee as I can give you for and informative/entertaining discussion: Violette Malan (somewhat eccentric, very knowledgeable and articulate writer of fantasy, erotica and mysteries), Julie Czerneda (SF writer, editor, my friend thought she was hot), Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? (for all things Dr. Who since they literally wrote the book on it as editors of Time Unincorporated, Volume 2, but were also, surprisingly, on the Being Erica panel- a show I thought only I watched- and no, this is not the lead singer of The Cure slumming it at the convention) and last but not least, the fantastic Robert J. Sawyer (a great, thought provoking writer of SF who saw the CBS series butcher his novel of the same name, Flashforward. It was very interesting to get his take on how the network screwed up- especially because I am in the industry. I just wish I caught the entire panel- damn my need for sustenance.)

Next year, I am going to the Friday night British Invasion party (they were playing WAY better music), I am singing at karaoke (after copious amounts of liquid courage), I’ll be renting a room with friends to take in the whole experience- I think it would really be worth the expense and I’ll stay to help with takedown and chill at the post-con party.

I have missed a lot, I am sure (best costume I saw this year- a stone angel from Blink– my favourite Dr. Who episode- I almost screamed when I saw her come around the corner) but that was the con in a (super-sized) nutshell.

I need a nap now.


~ by angryegg on July 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “Polaris 24 Post Mortem”

  1. Actually, next year’s theme for the Friday night party is Star Trek. We change it every year.

  2. Whoops, I should also have said that I’m glad you had such a great time! As a co-head of the Programming department, I’m particularly glad that you enjoyed the panels. 🙂

  3. Good to know. I guess I’ll have to make nice with the DJs then. 🙂

  4. Seriously, I usually have trouble choosing between panels but if we could arrange to get larger rooms for the Dr. Who panels, that would be fab! I hope this gets to you!!

  5. Thanks for the review, always enjoy reading what other people did and saw as you cannot take it all in. (Being Erica fan #2)

  6. I am glad you liked. I hear you on not being able to take it all in- that is why I plan not to sleep at next year’s con! Yay, another Being Erica fan! We need to stick together.

  7. You said it took you forever to get there that’s why the convention needs to be back at double tree again!

  8. Double Tree is easier by TTC. It still takes a big chunk of time but at least you don’t have to transfer to a different transit system!!! The meeting rooms at Double Tree also seemed to be bigger but at least the parking is free at the new location. Wherever they hold it, I’ll suck it up and deal, I guess…. 🙂

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