Giving Into Tempation, Again

I have been thinking about self-medicating with some shopping therapy for a while but have hesitated because I did not know what my fate at work would be.

Now that I had a definite end and it is five months away, I decided to relax the purse-strings and I was made aware of the perfect opportunity….

The Book Ends South- 2010 Clearance Sale.

I limited myself to 15 minutes- though I may have cheated slightly and stayed a bit longer. Regardless, I ended up with 12 books.

My mom, brother and boyfriend are going to cry when they find out.

My addiction to books, specifically “reference” books, is viewed by many as insane.

They are stashed everywhere (literally) and encroach on everything.

In going through my collection and making half-hearted attempts to “cull the herd” I am shocked by some of my previous selections. There are the occasional doubles, one of each will have to go into the garage sale pile, and a lot more fiction than I had thought I owned. Granted, some books were gifts but it is time to say good-bye.

My sister is shocked that I am letting some of them go- even if it is mainly fiction. If I don’t plan on reading them again, they aren’t worth keeping. If I can’t get rid of them in a garage sale, I’ll donate them to the library. The proceeds go to the Toronto Public Library Foundation which supports library programs, collections and services.

Talk about completing the circle.

I know myself- I’ll probably end up using any proceeds from the garage sale for more books. Seriously, is there anyone who would have been able to leave The Complete Book of Baton Twirling behind? I defy anyone who looks at the cover and decides not to take it home.

I should scan the cover and post it- that book deserves separate commentary.

To see is to understand.



~ by angryegg on March 19, 2010.

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