Two-week Stay of Execution

The feelings of dread, the tension that is so thick you can choke on it- will not dissipate for another TWO WEEKS! And so, the pressure cooker environment that we have been struggling with has just been cranked up a few more notches.

The worst case scenario has come to fruition.


And yes, we were notified of the delay via email!!!


I have always shied away from working in corporate environments because it is much easier to deal with the ridiculous whims of one business owner than the ridiculous whims of several corner offices, a Board, investors, the scrambling and positioning of all the people trying to save their jobs (or the campaigning to be released) and the politics that wraps itself around the whole package.

The modus operandi right now is “duck and cover.”

And not surprisingly, everyone is getting sick.

I was feeling slightly nauseous this morning but I am hoping it is just another physical manifestation of stress as opposed to food poisoning or the flu. That sounds slightly crazy doesn’t it?

As the stress, tension and resentment continue to mount, I have to determine the best course of action for me to survive (the next two weeks and beyond) with my sanity and health intact.

On the upside, at least I am guaranteed one more paycheque- which is awesome because I just got this month’s hydro bill. Ouch.

I have more time to get my resume together. In fact, there are a few part-time jobs that have potential so I think the resume might go out sooner than later.               

I have two more weeks to go through the notes from a series of investment books I read recently and to finalize a plan of attack for me, my mom and my youngest brother.

I have no control over what happens with my company so I need to step back and focus on those things that I do have some measure of control. It’s hard to know that one’s immediate fate is at the mercy of others but what can you do?

Unfortunately I have not evolved to the point where I can be zen about this. I have to find a better way of dealing with the stress without blowing a gasket.

Maybe I should take up boxing….


~ by angryegg on February 25, 2010.

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