Do They Know What Patriotism Means?

A noun, patriotism is defined as “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.”

Nowhere did I read that any dissention, major or minor, revokes your status as a card carrying patriot.

And nowhere did I find any mention that to speak against the Conservative Party is analogous to talking trash about Canada.

Of course I am referring to the Conservative reaction to the heat they are getting over the involvement of Canadian soldiers and the treatment of Afghan prisoners but I really could be talking about anything.

Their knee-jerk response is to accuse the Opposition of being bad Canadians- that they are the only party that wants to do what is best for Canada.

Call me crazy but one of the reasons my parents emigrated to Canada in the first place was to get away from the kind of oppression that stifles the potential for individual thought.

I matured into the understanding that, no matter how frustrating, we can all agree to disagree. The reality is that people are actually much more rigid in their belief systems than they realize (or would ever care to admit) and even less inclined to be open to the attempt to understand the opposing viewpoint- especially when it comes to politics.

I may not agree with someone’s viewpoint but I’ll at least attempt to understand where they are coming from- how else better to refute them? Even in the face of logic, when they cannot back up their reason for being arguments, most people will still not allow themselves to even consider the other side. At that point, short of ripping out your hair, the only recourse is to start talking about the weather.

Unfortunately, the Conservatives continue to hold on in the face of weak opposition and somehow, continue to get a pass from the press. A much more politically astute friend of mine and I often talk about this and we have to drop the subject because we are completely confounded. No amount of head scratching has led us to any real explanation.

But what scares me even more are the people who buy into this bullsh@t– and they are much more vocal than everyone else.

One can be a Canadian and have a dissenting opinion.

One can be a Canadian and acknowledge that Canada is not perfect.

This Canadian loves Canada but believes we can do and be better.

This Canadian reserves the right to despise the actions of the sitting government and continues to hope that other Canadians will sit up when anyone makes such outrageous statements to deflect against the real issue at play.

Because it IS a deflection and they have been getting away with it for too long.


~ by angryegg on December 11, 2009.

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