Day 10: Toronto Garbage Strike….Happy Canada Day

Apparently one of the news stations happened upon a document outlining plans to open another 12 secondary garbage dump sites and 150 tertiary sites. Considering how angry some residents are over the first 19, City Councillors had to do a bit of a song and dance.

And the plot thickens.

Of course they have to have contingency plans in place but I am sure they did not intend for it to be leaked to the press.

People who live close to Christie Pitts have been harassing those offloading their garbage and they haven’t even been open more than a week. There are complaints about the odour, vermin, possible contamination etc. These are the same issues that they had in 2002 but that strike didn’t last long enough to require me to use the temporary dumps so I have a very different memory of that experience.

What I don’t understand is why the garbage is that disgusting. Are people not separating their green bin and compost items??? I think lazy people are taking advantage and dumping stuff that should not be thrown in. I would bet my mortgage free house that people are throwing everything into garbage bags and calling it a day.

Why? Because people are selfish bastards. Some people just don’t think rules apply to them.

But today is Canada Day and I should try to look at the positive and not just the negative.

Not all Canada Day events have been cancelled. I believe celebrations at Mel Lastman Square are still on. CP24 online also lists a bunch of things that are happening tonight, among them, a multi-cultural celebration followed by a Michael Jackson tribute at Dundas Square and free canoe rides at the Harbourfront Centre.

I still don’t have a full bag of garbage so I can delay that trip to the dump site.

I live in a country where I am certain my vote is counted and even though I may dislike the outcome (hello, scary Reform in the guise of Conservatives) I can air my views online without recrimination.

There is a lot of sh!t in this world (and growing piles of it around the city) but if this is the worst thing we have to deal with, we are all luckier than most. Life is never perfect but I am proud to call myself a Canadian and that is something that will never change.


~ by angryegg on July 1, 2009.

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