I Love Karaoke!!

Every month, an informal outing is organized by a bunch of people at work. I arranged a small dim sum outing a couple weeks ago but the big shindig was to be karaoke last night.

In a word: AWESOME!!!!

It didn’t go without a couple hitches. Initially the debate was between a bar where you were exposed to everyone or private karaoke rooms. We decided on the former to ease people into the experience who were a little shy about the whole thing. After the date was fixed, a last minute office thing was organizeded that could have potentially blown the whole thing out of the water. After much hand-wringing, we decided to go ahead as originally planned.

I purposely chose a place that offered cheap drinks ($3!!!) and karaoke later in the evening. Come for one, stay for the other. Something for everyone. 

In all honesty, it has been a crappy week and if I wasn’t the ringleader on this one, I might have bailed. A lot of people actually did back out- it got to the point where I lost count (and then stopped counting). There was one person who was in all the way and I couldn’t let her down.

We managed to corral a few extra people from the company outing (YukYuk’s, which, surprisingly, didn’t suck). The first funny was seeing the bouncer’s face when he saw how old one girl and I are- he almost sputtered. I wish I had my camera ready.

It was altogether too quiet in there but we soon changed that.

Everyone was really into it. If they weren’t singing or singing along to each performer, they showed their support by acting as back-up dancers. A joker at our table even egged on some of the performers to  do their best air guitar during the instrumental and most of them actually obliged! There was some random dude who did the craziest version of Back in Black by AC/DC- it was hysterical and good! He brought out our inner head-banger. It turns out he had come to the bar on his own. After his song, he downed his beer and left. Curious.

One of our peeps did Ghostbusters and actually got some audience participation (other than us of course). I couldn’t stop laughing. It was just about the funniest thing that night.

I was stressed about the outing but everyone had an awesome time and are eager to do it again. There is nothing better than to have really fun, rowdy, engaged, encouraging and appreciative people at something that can be really stressful. I think the bar should cut us a deal and have us in all the time! I have heard horror stories about how obnoxious people can be and this was the exact opposite.

I can’t wait to go again!


~ by angryegg on June 19, 2009.

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