Protests Taken to Another Level

Is this really the message they want conveyed to the Canadian government and to Canadians at large?

Do they really think this will help their cause?

Have we become one of those countries where it is acceptable to put children (even one) in harm’s way to make a political point?

No one was hurt (thankfully), a few arrests were made and this all ended in a few hours. Sure it would have been inconvenient for some to have the Gardiner blocked off but this doesn’t exactly make me sympathetic to their cause.

Are the Tamil Tigers not considered a terrorist organization? I don’t know enough to speak with authority about this though I am sure the Sri Lankan government is not blameless either. How do we, as outsiders, pick between not-so-good and slightly-worse?

People want to see this (everything) as black and white but that is just not the way things are.

What do the protestors expect to accomplish? Canada alone will not be able to bring peace to Sri Lanka- we don’t have that kind of clout on the international stage and even if we did, should we throw around this weight? Who are we to impose our will on what has been going on for decades?

The parties that should be working this out have broken the various truces hammered out in the past. While the majority of people living in Sri Lanka likely want peace, there will always be the radicals on both sides that will consider any negotiation a failure unless they get everything they want- and even then, there is no guarantee.

So what happens now? Will it have to be the UN that takes the reins on this? Will cooler heads prevail?

The protests have moved to midtown and Queens Park, for now.

Will they shut down University again? Maybe.

Will they try another freeway stunt? I am hoping for no.

While they have the right to protest, I hope it will not escalate into violent action.

Only time will tell.


~ by angryegg on May 11, 2009.

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