Grandma Goes to the Concert

I saw Metric at The Mod Club yesterday.

I had a good time but I felt ancient- and I think my ears are still buzzing.

How Granny am I?

We had forgotten to bring earplugs and I remembered too late to put in the earphones from my iPod.

The opening band was Holy F#ck….could the name be more lame? Their music was like a bizarre  combination of a rave, funkadelic 70’s grooves and the kind of buzzing pervasive in David Lynch movies that make you go crazy (think Eraserhead). They were okay, wouldn’t pay to see them but I wouldn’t walk out of they were playing somewhere for free. They have potential- they really need to work on their transitions. But I have to give credit where credit is due- the drummer was good.

Metric was a lot of fun- the lead singer actually speaks like she sings! I really like their music but the two people singing along in my ear made it very difficult to hear her! And the four guys standing two people in front of me at 5’10 and up did not add to the experience.

Standing for 3+ hours translates to sore feet and an achy back. Of course it didn’t help that I have been really zonked lately- how Grandma am I now??? My friend and I were both thinking that leaning against the bar would be a better strategy next time- to rest our weary legs. Or to rush the stage so we can lean against that and get really close to the action (a two-for-one).

She talked a lot more than the last time I saw her (Virgin Music Festival a couple years ago) and though what she had to say was relevant, I couldn’t help but think it would mean a lot more to my 20-something less jaded and (somewhat less) cynical self. Is that crabby? And she also did a modified “Molly Ringwald”- that was awesome! Would some of the kiddies in attendance last night even get that dance move reference?

One thing I found really annoying was that my hair kept getting caught in this guy’s arm and yanked. I didn’t give him my death stare but I was tempted. My friend was ready to smack the guy behind us who was trying to impress this girl with his roadie/musician knowledge but I thought it was hysterical.

My next show is a sit-down affair- more loungy, fewer calisthenics. More circumstance than by choice but I’ll take it.


~ by angryegg on April 15, 2009.

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