Curling Revelation

I learned something about my parents this weekend that surprised me.

They are curling fans!

Much to my baby brother’s chagrin.

We watched Canada lose to Scotland last night, Switzerland take out Norway this morning and Canada versus Switzerland this afternoon. I’ll have to torture my boyfriend with the finals in Toronto on Sunday.

Is it wrong to root for the cute boys in the opposing teams (the Scottish skip and the Swiss third)? I have a slight weakness for intense, underfed, dark-haired white boys with pale eyes and accents. J

I have only curled once (loved it!) but it is hysterical to watch it on t.v. and have a conversation with my parents (!) about the merits of the different strategies and the poor play of the Canadian skip in the game against Scotland.

More than a little surreal!

The Chinese women’s team recently won a gold medal in curling. I am not sure if this was in junior or senior competition but my parents knew about this. The win was surprising since China is very new to the sport. As good as the Chinese woman’s team is, my Dad was saying the Chinese men have a long way to go. If China could land a winter Olympics, that would change very quickly.

The Canadian skip just flashed one- blew his rock right through the house allowing the Swiss to steal one and keep their hopes for a run at the final alive. My father, someone who has never been on a sheet of ice, is embarrassed.

His word, honest!

I wish my Mom were here- they would be egging each other on in their mutual disgust at the poor Canadian play.

Armchair curlers!

I have no doubt that I am just as bad but if you knew my parents, infinitely funnier! Thankfully Canada didn’t blow it in the 10th end so they will have someone to root for tomorrow.


~ by angryegg on April 12, 2009.

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