Dopey Day

I had trouble sleeping last night and woke up early this morning. If I operated heavy machinery, it would be a recipe for disaster.


After lying in bed, not sleeping for an hour, I decided to get my butt out of bed and bake some cookies- oatmeal chocolate chip sweetened with maple syrup. I’ve made better but they are worth re-jigging to make them perfect.


I try to avoid fizzy pop during the day but I have given into the need for an artificial pick-me-up. Coffee or tea would be the usual go-to but anything warm will send me into a coma.


It’s better but not perfect. Five minutes outside should do the trick. Maybe I’ll save that for when I really need it, around 3pm. I really need to move to a more civilized country where not taking a siesta would be considered bad form- or start my own business where I would work 24/7 with nap breaks…


CBC’s funding shortfall will be over 60 million this year. How about that for a non sequitur? Some may argue that my “dopey day” plays in nicely with my segue to all things CBC.


But I digress…


Funding cuts translates to cost cutting measures. My boyfriend works at CBC and has a meeting with his boss this week. This has made him understandably tense and more than a little concerned. His inability to sleep through the night has affected me. I am a very light sleeper while he tends to sleep the sleep of the dead.


I try not to initiate specific discussions about work but he has given me updates. I am astonished that of all the national broadcasters worldwide, CBC is apparently fourth from the bottom in receiving public funds. I don’t know the conditions of the ranking (perhaps as a percentage of GDP?) but at face value, how sad and pathetic is that? At least we don’t quite bring up the rear, poor saps, whoever they are.


There are a lot of things to like and dislike about CBC. It is a behemoth in many ways- what else would you expect from a government funded agency? But, it is a very necessary behemoth. The ripple effect of a crippled CBC would be huge, economically and culturally.


CBC may be forced to sell assets, likely at bargain basement prices. Everyone is slashing and burning and the cherry pickers will hold out until they can get the whole kit and caboodle for pennies. More ads, U.S. programming, the consolidation of local stations…this will contribute to an anemic cultural identity (one that is already looked upon by many as indistinguishable from our cousins to the south).


I had no idea but the CBC broadcasts in over 15 languages- many who otherwise would not have a voice. The Conservative government’s decision to reduce funding is partially based on their assertion that the CBC is a leftwing, biased platform- on which they are often skewered. I would argue that it is a platform on which all parties are skewered. Different points of view are presented and people are given the opportunity to engage in dialogue about issues. Just because the CBC, unlike a certain network who is blatantly biased (with aspirations to become Canada’s version of FOX), refuse to lob softballs like “What is your favourite colour and why?” to Harper and his cronies, does not mean that it deserves to die a slow and painful death.


Every corporation has room for improvement when it comes to inefficiencies. Some of the stuff I hear about (that I can’t divulge) is sad and pathetic but not unusual. I see very similar things where I work and have heard the same elsewhere. There was a huge grassroots campaign for CBC to buy the rights to the theme for Hockey Night in Canada.  I tried to explain to friends that we were talking a lot of money and its purchase would not have been the most responsible way to spend taxpayer money. That was a bullet dodged!


This kind of funding can be a tough pill to swallow when there are other seemingly more important issues at stake- especially in our current economic climate. People need to think beyond the superficial and look at what we could end up with if we start carving away big chunks of the CBC. Most people are too myopic in their thinking to consider beyond their own selfish wants and needs.


If CBC ceases to be the CBC we love to hate, it would be a big blow to our cultural identity. At the end of the day, our culture is what defines us.


~ by angryegg on March 3, 2009.

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