Retail Makes Me Feel Ancient

A friend and I went shopping on Friday. She was looking for some stuff and I was along for the ride.


I would love to be a personal shopper. I would get my shopping fix without bringing home “stuff” and make money at the same time. Win-win-win.


She told me later that it was my job to tell her no- that, I can do.


We wandered through the Bay and I was only mildly tempted by some things that I couldn’t afford. I am not a size nothing so that was also a contributing factor.


We ended up at Talbots. I NEVER go into Talbots. My friend and I are the same age but she dresses much more mature than I, more conservative. I obviously dress like an infant- I am wearing black and white Keds today with my way-too-large boyfriend jeans. I usually look like a street person who has just come in from the inclement weather to defrost.


There was a jacket she was eyeing. Looked nice in the photo pulled from the net but you never know. It was nice- totally her style but not full retail nice. I advised her to wait because it will go on sale. Guaranteed.


I actually ended up trying on a skirt that I loved in theory but the pleats made me look dumpy so that was an easy pass. What freaked me out was the music they played. I knew every song- which is weird enough but all of these songs were released about 20 and in some cases 30 years ago!!!


More Than Words by Extreme, Time Passages by Al Stewart, Richard Marx….The purgatory that is AM radio.


Over the Christmas holidays I was out with a friend who had flown in from out West. She wanted to pick up something for her ex (!??!!!@#???) at Abercrombie & Fitch. Never mind the fact that I kept calling it Ambercrombie & Fitch, we walked in and I was instantly transported to a club that played really sh!tty too-loud music. I did my imitation of a crotchety old man just as the song ended and there was the briefest moment of silence. There were some cute things but the micro-mini sizing left much to be desired.


We went to A&F’s sister store Hollister which played loud but infinitely better music. The problem was the decision that being able to see the merchandise was only an incidental concern. We laughed our asses off trying to figure out what colour we were looking at. I believe in being green- most stores and malls in general are over lit but this was so ridiculous it was funny. 


I am obviously Talbot’s demographic judging by the music but style-wise I feel younger. Where does one find clothes that are hip but sized for women who are not anorexic and have a chest?? Obviously not the mall.


Why didn’t I learn to sew when I lived at home? At least then I could tailor the clothes I buy or make my own. Oh those lucky people who can buy off the rack and wear it out the store.


I have enough to deal with right now than to be made to feel geriatric so I think I’ll avoid the mall for a while. I should try to make something simple on that barely used sewing machine of mine. But knowing me, I’ll be making do with the stuff I have until I can bring home alterations for Mom’s expert care…


~ by angryegg on March 2, 2009.

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