A Good Day

It is (was) sunny this morning and the air is fresh from a light rain that had stopped by the time I left for work.


Today is the kind of day you take off if you have the option- another reason to work for yourself and not “The Man.”


Things generally look better in the early morning light (even though I am naturally a night owl)- especially when it gets warmer (projected high of 6° Celsius) and you can shed the heavy winter coat. You feel lighter, both in physical weight and in spirit.


Is this the way it is for people in warmer climes? Less stressed, springier in step, just more positive in general? I (obviously) can’t quantify the generalizations but I know I would be a happier person if we had more sunny, spring-like days. Though, if the weather was always perfect, I would probably take it for granted.


If I were forced to choose, I would take a sunny cold day over a warmer grey day- many would argue with me on that point. I don’t feel the cold as severely as I do heat and humidity just slays me. I wear short sleeves year round and if I get cold, I’ll throw something on. My reasoning is that there is only so much I can take off (without getting arrested) at the other end. You can push the limits to a certain extent then you are basically screwed.


I will enjoy the walk home tonight- the days are getting longer so I will catch the tail end of the sun. It is good to get past that period when you go to work in darkness and you leave work in darkness. This reminds me of a travel commercial where a woman is at work on her computer, sees that it is just after four in the afternoon, looks out the window into total darkness and starts to wail…Makes me laugh.


Somehow, that little bit of light makes you feel like you still have the better part of the day to have a life. And, as one of the disgruntled working masses (though hopefully not forever) I will enjoy every moment I can.


~ by angryegg on February 26, 2009.

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