Asian Confusion

•July 1, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Honest Ed’s had one of their door crashers this morning and we thought we’d wade into the fray for cheap sugar.

We went to the wrong area (of course) and scrambled upstairs to get in another line.

We obediently waited like sheep when we heard a woman yelling. She was accusing people of getting in line for another bag of sugar- calling them selfish, greedy, blah, blah, blah….

The two woman being admonished looked at each other, slightly bemused, and told the screamer that they had just walked in from the TTC and opened their bags to show there was no sugar.

The screamer continued to rant a little longer then shut her mouth.

I guess all of us Asians really do look alike. Continue reading ‘Asian Confusion’


Run, Don’t Walk to Get Tickets for Kid Koala

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No joke.

I was at Kid Koala‘s Space Cadet Headphone Experience last night at 918 Bathurst and it was AMAZING!

So amazing in fact that I am seriously considering going to the early show today. Continue reading ‘Run, Don’t Walk to Get Tickets for Kid Koala’

Royal Canoe- Who Knew?

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I couldn’t help myself- someone yelled this out at tonight’s show.

Kind of cheesy and a little funny- in a Seusian (is that even a word?) way.

I saw them at Canadian Music Week twice and had planned to see them at The Garrison- even though the sound was atrocious the last time I was there. I waffled about going because of the sound issue but I am so glad I acquiesced.  Continue reading ‘Royal Canoe- Who Knew?’

Bahamas at the Casbah

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We just got back from our road trip to Hamilton for the Bahamas show at the Casbah.

AMAZING!!! Continue reading ‘Bahamas at the Casbah’

Shane Koyczan- Wow

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Really. Truly.

I just got back from his performance at Hugh’s Room with his backup band The Long Story Short. Continue reading ‘Shane Koyczan- Wow’

Speed Dating- I Would Rather Floss My Teeth with Barbed Wire

•March 31, 2012 • 2 Comments

The night hadn’t even started and I was ready to call it a bust.

I hate it when I’m right. Continue reading ‘Speed Dating- I Would Rather Floss My Teeth with Barbed Wire’

CMW 2012 Post-Mortem, Part I

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I have been sick for the last three days (not death bed sick but it has felt like it, wah, wah, boo for me) and I am still not sure if I have the capacity to write coherently about this year’s CMW but here I go- sloppy mess and all….

You buy a wristband for something like this hoping (I’m an optimistic pessimist) you find something good. You go in knowing you will likely see a lot of duds and miss out on some great stuff you didn’t even know was going on while you hop from venue to venue crossing your fingers that you will hit on something that doesn’t hurt you. What I didn’t expect was to find a band that I loved (!) and other bands I look forward to seeing again. Continue reading ‘CMW 2012 Post-Mortem, Part I’