Shane Koyczan- Wow

Really. Truly.

I just got back from his performance at Hugh’s Room with his backup band The Long Story Short.

I am not a huge poetry fan. I have always felt that poetry was not written to be read but to be read out loud. I went to my first poetry slam a few months ago but was disappointed by what I felt to be the inauthenticity of many of the artists. With one exception, the voices just did not ring true to me.

This wariness was definitely on my mind- especially since the first time I was really made aware of Koyczan was in reference by my friend (in her apology for the disappointment we felt over the quality of the slam) who holds his work as the yardstick by which all other spoken word artists are measured.

And after seeing his show, I would have to agree.

I had no idea what to expect but he sucks you in with his hilarious storytelling. So funny but not in a yukyuk kind of way.

He pretty much had us all at, “Fuck, I’m trapped at a poetry reading.”

He was profound.

Profoundly insightful. Profoundly poignant. Profoundly relatable. (Check out the poem he wrote in response to anti-bullying, downloadable from his website.)

I tried to write a few quotes that made me laugh but I would have missed the rest of the show. I only managed to get down a few before giving up.

“I am going to shit books.”

“Life Lesson: Don’t fuck with bees.”

“A laugh like a welcome mat.”

At one point, the guy behind me sneezed (as if on cue)- just after Koyczan tells us the first girl he ever kissed tasted like tomatoes. He said it sounded like a bowel movement- it kind of did.

The show was definitely NC-17- Koyczan did a suggestive pantomime that had us all in stitches but even more so because he couldn’t stop laughing himself. One of the fans was ready to give us a show but reined it in just enough to keep the stripper pole retracted. All good fun.

His talent, the truth he speaks, makes me want to stay on that road less travelled that I keep redeciding to take. My friend stayed behind to talk to him after the show but I had such a great time I was ready to have the night end there. We haven’t had the chance to compare notes and I am sure she will have more stories to share tomorrow.

Koyczan lives in B.C.- which is unfortunate for us because it will likely be a while before he comes back but when he does, I’ll be there..


~ by angryegg on April 4, 2012.

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