CMW 2012 Post-Mortem, Part I

I have been sick for the last three days (not death bed sick but it has felt like it, wah, wah, boo for me) and I am still not sure if I have the capacity to write coherently about this year’s CMW but here I go- sloppy mess and all….

You buy a wristband for something like this hoping (I’m an optimistic pessimist) you find something good. You go in knowing you will likely see a lot of duds and miss out on some great stuff you didn’t even know was going on while you hop from venue to venue crossing your fingers that you will hit on something that doesn’t hurt you. What I didn’t expect was to find a band that I loved (!) and other bands I look forward to seeing again.

We started off at an underwhelming event (did not dig the performers, though their fans were going nuts, or the ridiculous girls whose voices carried over the music and not in a good ‘Til Tuesday way) then made our way to the Phoenix for Treble Charger. They put on a great show, super high energy. It was a total love in but the thing that made me laugh the most was how sassy Greig Nori was and when he pulled a really hyper guy from the mosh pit to come up on stage, Nori seriously made his life! We ended the night hunting for food and decided to check out one more band in the area who were unfortunately undone by the poor sound system.

We eased our way into Day 2 at TIFEM and went early to The Music Gallery for Cold Specks– there was no guarantee of entry and a lot of seats were reserved for industry. We got in (though there was a lot of shoving) and she was a revelation. Hers is a voice that slaps you in the face and it was kind of cool seeing other musicians in the audience fan-girling along with the rest of us pedestrians. Al Spx, only 23, treated us to her take on The Fresh Prince of Bellair while one of the musicians tuned his guitar. Hysterical.

We went to a bunch of different bars Queen West and were largely at the mercy of the TTC. Because Cold Specks was so good, everything else was just… lesser. We decided on Martha Wainwright but her show was sold out so we went to the Elmo upstairs for Neufvoin. We were so deflated before we saw Neufvoin and it was pure luck we were there. They pretty much saved our night but I won’t go into it here because I wrote at length about them earlier.

Our first two days were already SO good and if it ended there we would have been satisfied. As it turned out, the best was yet to come.

I’ll write about the last three days shortly….


~ by angryegg on March 29, 2012.

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