Neufvoin at CMW

We were at Rancho Relaxo Friday night for Neufvoin but we would not have been there except for a series of fortunate disappointments.

We started Thursday evening at The Music Gallery with Cold Specks (who was amazing) but wandered around from one mediocre experience to another. The first performer was underwhelming but the venue hurt us, we were turned off by a $10 cover charge at another bar, then a brief interlude at an unfortunate venue with an even more unfortunate band followed by a sold out show for Martha Wainright (boo!) brought us to the Elmo upstairs. Whew!

This was only going to be our fallback but Neufvoin ended up saving the day. We only heard about a song and a half but it was enough for us to change our plans for Friday. There were a lot of potentially great options for the same time slot but the eight minutes we heard was enough to clinch it for us.

The main reason it was our fallback was the show’s proximity to Wainright’s show (upstairs) and the fact they were from Finland. (I used to date a Finnish boy.)

We arrived early enough to give the opening band a try but I was not feeling it. The sound seemed a bit off but their fans were annoying.To be perfectly honest, I really wanted to see Neufvoin.

We were keeners and stood near the front- we didn’t want to take the chance that giants would stand in front of us.

They put on a great show. It was unlike anything we had heard so far- which was a balm to the senses.

I’m not sure how to describe their music but something about them reminds me of Chapterhouse (don’t hold the bad video against them). Maybe it’s the quality of the lead singer’s voice or a certain ethereal element in some of their songs. I can’t be more specific right now- I haven’t had a lot of time to process everything I’ve heard over the past five days.

The crowd was generally appreciative, which is nice, but the audience at the Elmo (while sparser) seemed more genuinely into the band.

I desperately wanted to buy their music but they didn’t have anything with them. Apparently one can only download their stuff but I’m old school- I like having the liner notes, the lyrics, the artwork…. If I heard correctly they will be putting out a full-length CD this year though I doubt we’ll be able to get it here.

It is kind of crazy that it was pure luck we ended up at their show- one of the best we saw this week. They salvaged our Thursday and was the highlight of our Friday night. A few times since the show, the last song in their set has popped into my head- that rarely happens. I just wish I knew what the song was- I can’t find it online.

Listening to them on myspace makes sad I don’t have their music. I guess I have to wait until they come back to Canada and cross fingers they will have merch in tow!


~ by angryegg on March 26, 2012.

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