Day Four- CMW: Ewert & the Two Dragons, Part II

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We had no expectations about seeing Ewert & the Two Dragons again on Saturday because we had heard the shows were sold out.

We didn’t want to get our hopes up so high that the disappointment would punch us in the gut but we decided to swing by The Dakota just to see if they brought CDs.

There were about 20 people waiting to get in. We deflated slightly but asked the bouncers if the band was selling stuff and whether or not my friend was on the guest list. No and no but he said to wait because the crowd was constantly fluctuating. We had wristbands so our line up was- us.

But what probably clinched it were two ridiculous girls who left for food and came back expecting to be let back in. The one bouncer was hysterical. To quote: “I saw you get into a cab and drive off. How am I supposed to know you were coming back?” This exchange went on for a bit and he told them to wait. A few minutes later the other bouncer gave us a head nod and motioned surreptitiously for us to come in!!!

I refrained from doing a jig, that would have been bad form, but if my friend and I were high-fivers, we would have done a chest thump.

The Dragons were still playing and the crowd was going nuts.

We made our way to the front, stage left. I couldn’t see anything (I was surrounded by tall blond giants) but it didn’t matter. We were in!

The crowd was so excited and joyous. I can’t think of another word to describe the mood. It was one of the best concert vibes I’ve ever experienced- topped only by the Crowded House love-in at The Horseshoe before they broke up (for that brief period).

The band introduced the final song asking the crowd if we were familiar with Dolly Parton’s Jolene. The crowd roared, some likely thinking they were going to do a cover but their Jolene was from the guy’s perspective.

One girl was singing her heart out, eyes closed, brows furrowed, she was crying and the light on her face made it look like she was glowing. She was so overcome by the moment and the emotion of it all- it was like she was having a religious experience.

It was all pretty fantastic.

We both ended up with signed copies (with one of them making sure each of the guys signed in the right spot) of their latest release, Good Man Down, and a photo of us with the band.

I have been listening to this CD pretty much exclusively all day. My friend and I joked that this band has ruined music for us for a while. She isn’t wrong.

Art is supposed to make one feel something and for me, this band has been such a revelation. This sounds so cheesy but I’ll talk about this in another post because this one is approaching novella length and I have other CMW posts to get through and I desperately need sleep because my cold just won’t go away.

I also need time to process their music and the experience of seeing them perform before I can speak intelligently about it.

I will only leave you with this….

Get a ticket to their show if they come anywhere close to where you live.

If I could, I’d be going to New York to catch their show at the Piano April 4th AND to Brooklyn for their gig at the Knitting Factory April 5th.

The shows cost less than lunch.

What are you waiting for? Brown bag it one day and go see your new favourite band.


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