Day Three- CMW: Ewert & the Two Dragons

I am going to go out on a limb and declare that no other band will top Ewert & the Two Dragons at this year’s CMW.

Of course there is only one day left but I defy you (yes, I dare you to try) to give me another band who will have me the moment they sing the first note.

I had just rushed in from work, catching the tail end of Jess Hill at TIFEM (yes, them again!) and cursing the fact that I had missed the first two bands completely because I see an event like CMW as an opportunity to gorge on music- some of which will be heinous but if you’re lucky you may discover something transformative. Really.

I settled in and was updated on everything I’d missed (boo) while some really cute guys set up for the next session. Okay, if nothing else, eye candy.

Oh, but they were so much more.

They are such good singers but unassumingly so. Their voices don’t instantly slap you the face like Adele’s or Jeff Buckley’s but then you suddenly find yourself dancing and singing along with the band even though you did not even know they existed a minute and a half ago.

Yes, I’m gushing. Profusely.

The guys were a little cheeky and told enough of a backstory to lead us charmingly into each song- which don’t all sound exactly the same- a very good thing. They put on a great performance and everyone there was so sad they had to wrap it up for the next band.

Though, full disclosure, I’ve probably played Jolene about 20 times so far this morning and when no one is watching, I’m singing and dancing in my hoodie, shorts and fuzzy slippers.

As the guys packed up my friend jumped up to talk to the band (I’m super shy and hung back) I started to talk to the people sitting next to me. They were (are) Estonian and came to the free show because the Dragon’s two Saturday shows had sold out weeks ago. I don’t recall the specifics but I may have booed and whined a little when they told me.

I saw the guys in the band head out the door but my friend hadn’t returned so I jumped up to see if they had CDs for sale. This is very uncharacteristic of me as a big ‘I’ introvert. They had left their CDs at the hotel. Sniff. So sad. I thanked them for a great show and said I hoped they would come back to Canada soon. And I turned and ran back in for the next group.

My friend appeared, confirming they didn’t have CDs with them but Erki was going to talk to the manager about getting us on the guest list for the Dakota. We weren’t holding our breath because we know how this stuff works but we were just excited to discover a new band.

But this story wasn’t quite done….


~ by angryegg on March 25, 2012.

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