Day Five- CMW: Too Early to Think About Who to See!

It was a late night but it ended up being such a great night!!!

Completely unexpected but thanks to our wrist bands and some sympathetic bouncers at The Dakota, we got in to see the very tail end of the sold out show for Ewert & the Two Dragons!!!!!

That alone was worth the price of admission!

On about 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I am STILL giddy about getting in for the last song and a half. Yes, that was all it took to make my entire evening- not that it was all bad but the lack of sleep and some stupid non-music related mix-ups had put me in a foul mood.

But I will save the gushing for later posts because it is too early in the morning to expose the non-caffeinated to my saccharine-infused rhetoric.

All I will write for now is it makes me wish I had any sort of musical talent beyond the ability to carry a tune at karaoke.

I am so behind on posting my thoughts about what I’ve seen so far but I’ll get a couple more out before I try to figure out what to see tonight….



~ by angryegg on March 25, 2012.

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