The TTC Ate My $126 or 126 More Reasons to Hate the TTC

Well, technically the vending machine at the TTC selling passes ate my money.


And what did the person at the gate do?

Lie to me.

How did I know she lied to me? Her story changed.

If you are going to lie to a customer, make it a good lie. Something realistic and believable. Or how about this, tell the truth.

Just be honest because most people are pretty good bullsh!t detectors. If you don’t know how to handle a situation, tell them you don’t know but that you will try to find out for them.

The person taking money was probably on a pee/smoke break when I went to buy a pass. I hesitated using the vending machine because I was afraid this would happen. I was on a tight schedule so I decided to take a chance.

Stupid, stupid me.

I should have listened to my gut but I went ahead and zipped my debit card through, waited for the pass that did not materialize and watched as it thanked me for my business and concluded the transaction by spitting out my receipt.


I went to the person who had returned from break, explained what happened, asked her what could be done about this and she responded with “I dunno.”

She asked if I was charged for the transaction so I showed her the receipt- though she only gave it a passing glance, definitely not long enough to ascertain whether or not it was approved.

She asked if I was sure no card was spit out. I went over to the kiosk, looked again and told her there was nothing.

In the handful of seconds that it took for me to walk over and back, she said that she called someone and they were on their way to check the machine.


I asked her where they were coming from and when they would get here.

She shrugged her shoulders and replied with her favourite phrase of the night.

“I dunno.”

I called my friend to let her I know I was stuck at Ossington station and she TTC’ed over to meet me. I filled her in and continued to curse the TTC and the crappy service.

We waited a few more minutes then the woman in the booth told me that I would have to go to the head office at Davisville tomorrow (are they even open tomorrow??) to get this sorted. She couldn’t tell us what time the office would be open, only giving us a pamphlet with a number to call. The very least she could have done was try and get that bit of information for me. We called the number but only got a prerecorded message stating their regular office hours.

Super helpful.

I would have to pay for a token to get to the bloody office but would not be reimbursed for this additional cost. I am sorry (not really) but I was buying the pass for a reason. The price had already gone up $5- which is onerous enough- and the thought of paying extra for them to fix THEIR mistake? To go out of my way without a guarantee that I would even be reimbursed?

Why do people hate the TTC so much?

Gee, I have no idea- whatsoever.

Despite all the plans I have for this month- prompting me to suck it up and (try to) buy a pass in the first place-, I am not going to get a pass for this month or any other month. I want my money back and I am going to walk.

I would rather buy replacement sneakers than spend my money on the TTC.

I would rather get a membership to rent bikes or a car to get around than spend my money on the TTC.

I would even prefer to spend way too much on a taxi than spend my money on the TTC.

Am I over reacting?

I don’t think so. I try to walk as much as possible anyway because it is cheaper than joining a gym so what is a little more walking?

It may take a little more planning but just watch me.

I guess that means this is New Years Resolution #1.


~ by angryegg on January 2, 2012.

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