Anthropologie Black Friday Postmortem & Afterglow

Anthropologie had their first Black Friday sale ever last weekend.

Danger ,Will Robinson!

From last Wednesday to Sunday, all sale items were 25% off or 50% between 8am-11am on Friday (at the Yorkville location). What to do, what to do….

The only thing to do is scope it out in advance (to avoid change room lineups) and either prey those items you desperately “need” are still there Friday morning or suck it up and take the lesser discount…. But then an eager friend of mine told me they put stuff on hold for her. Wha??? I could never ask (I shame easily) but this offer was made to me and I kind of took advantage.

I got back from lunch on a bit of a high.

Of course that didn’t stop me from going with friends after work. I found more stuff (of course) but I couldn’t bring myself to ask for additional holds. I resigned myself to fate.

The alarm went off very early in the morning and I lay in bed hoping to find some info online regarding line-ups for the sale- such a nerd!

I got to the store about 7:20 and there was only one person in line- I recognized her from the night before because she had a great bag. I am such a girl. We bonded over our disbelief we were the only ones there.

Each of the next two people was also dumbfounded by the lack of a lineup. We expected mayhem and lines around the block. We all had holds (heh, heh) but intended to have a “quick look” to see if there was anything missed. The fact they allowed holds probably saved people from being maced.

I marveled at the cleverness of one of the girls. She had brought an empty duffel bag to stash her purchases because she didn’t want the people at work to know she’d been shopping. I asked if the bag would be big enough. She didn’t know.

I walked out of the store with a large bag and a monster-sized bag. You never actually save money when you go to this store- you just end up coming out with more when there is a sale.

I ran into the first girl in line waiting for a cashier. We were both giddy. She relayed the story about returning a skirt she had paid full price for and getting it for 75% off. I picked up an amazing dress 90% off. It really was an embarrassment of riches.

People on the subway to work saw my bags and judged me. I didn’t care. Friends at work tried stuff on and threatened to walk off with their favourites. Everything got home okay though it was close- one of the bags busted.

A week later, the euphoria is still there. Okay, I exaggerate (slightly).

For me it is not just the purchase but getting a great deal. I shop at Anthropologie and Banana but also in charity shops and a deal is a deal- wherever I find it. I’ve worn some of the items with my hand-me-downs and thrift store finds and it feels great.

Does that make me weird?


~ by angryegg on December 1, 2011.

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