When Things Go to Hell, People Get Ugly

I was thrown under the bus a few years ago and I was completely oblivious until it was too late.

Call me naïve.

But my suspicion is it is happening again. I don’t have concrete proof but the daggers sticking out of my back would seem to be a pretty good indication something is afoot.

I am pretty new to corporate life, only six years- not including the time I was a contract player through a temp agency- so my ignorance of the cesspool that is really an extension of high school should be forgiven to a certain extent.

I am always the first to say that people never leave high school so why should it be any different in the office?

Silly me- forgetting my own words.

Well, the writing is on the wall.

Clue #1: People don’t understand what my job entails and assume it is a cakewalk. Um, when does liaising with auditors a cakewalk? My integrity was called into question and other than being accused (screamed at) by a crazy ex-boss for defamation (if only she had overheard the ENTIRE conversation….) this has never happened to me. I am still reeling and it was a week ago.

Clue #2: I am getting the cold shoulder from a colleague who is alternately a hero and pariah at the office. He glibly indicated there were errors with my numbers. I found and corrected the one error and found about a dozen of his. I tried to tell him this was probably a formula issue but I was wrong because my info was hard coded. I was right, he was wrong and this did not sit well. I’ve heard him throw other people under the bus and now it is my turn. Whoohoo!

Clue #3: There was just a meeting where they tried to sell us on the health of the company, the growth etc. What has followed all of these meetings in the past is a round of layoffs. Just because I am on contract doesn’t mean my butt isn’t on the line.

But some of you may be thinking I am being a titch paranoid and I would counter with this:

Every time I ignored my gut, my intuition, my spider sense, I have been roundly kicked in the head.


Sometimes it is personal, sometimes it hits in the pocketbook but always as a result of me thinking I am being pessimistic.

I like to think I am a realist and if the past is any indication of what to watch out for in the future, I ignore my feelings at my own peril.

It will be interesting to see who pushes me into oncoming traffic this time. Or will it be a collective effort?

The real question is what to do about it?


~ by angryegg on November 4, 2011.

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