Is Dressing in Layers Really That Difficult?

I’ve been having a slightly (okay, quite) frustrating conversation over email with someone who loves the heat but hates the cold- and complains bitterly about the change in the seasons until June rolls around again.

My first thought is always, you know you live in Canada right?

The issue right now is the fluctuation in temperature. The cool crisp mornings followed by a sometimes 10°C rise during the day before it dips again.

Personally, I love having to bury myself in layers of blankets to sleep- it’s a cocooning thing I think but her complaint is being “fooled” by the initial shock of cold in the morning only to realize too late that she could have worn a more summery outfit.

She cops freely to being lazy but to be “fooled” by this all the time????

So tiresome.

I don’t profess to be a style guru of any sort (despite “playing one” for many years in a Yorkville boutique). I like to be comfortable and not too much of a slob in public, though I guess that is in the eye of the beholder.

But really, how hard is it to throw on two, or even (gasp) three light layers to cover off the chill of the morning and then shed an item or two as is appropriate? No one likes to carry around a lot of extra stuff but that is why we are talking light layers, not a fur, not a thick fisherman’s sweater, not your Canada Goose parka.

This isn’t unreasonable right? If I’m crazy I hope someone would let me know.

I was never a girl scout or a girl guide but I hate being caught with my pants down so I try to consider my needs for the day- weather and activity depending.

Your summery dress could transition into the early fall with tights (or just wooly socks) and Fryes with a jean jacket over top and a complimentary jersey scarf (or a few jersey scarves or a pashmina if you need more coverage).

Layer a long sleeve tee over a short sleeve tee (or vise versa) and a corduroy jacket or blazer over khakis and oxfords or your Minnetonkas.

Try tailored shorts with tights and chunky heels topped with a tee, an oxford cloth shirt, a light quilted vest and a loose knit scarf.

Easy and comfortable, these outfits will let you roll with the weather.

I’m lazy and if this is too much for you there is no hope.


~ by angryegg on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “Is Dressing in Layers Really That Difficult?”

  1. I completely agree…some people just dont get how easy and effortless layering is! Saves you trying to predict the weather for the day if you are layered for all occassions 🙂

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