Do People Not Have Manners Anymore?

Or a sense of what is or is not appropriate????

A friend was not paying attention to costs and assumed that she would be bunking down with another friend at a B & B. Sleeping arrangements were clarified and reality set in. She could not afford to be spending in excess of $200 for a room in a location far from this destination party and the subsequent taxi to and from said occasion.

So instead of searching online for alternate (cheaper) options, she accepted an offer from the couple to stay with them in their room!


It’s not like she would be the third wheel at their honeymoon but close.

Granted, it was probably a knee-jerk reaction to a friend in need that prompted them to offer. They are nice people. BUT WHO SAYS YES?


I couldn’t believe it?

Am I over-reacting?

If I were in the couple’s situation, I probably would have offered to and then immediately wonder if we were on crack to do so. But once it’s out there, you can’t take it back.


I don’t mean to scream but I was genuinely appalled.


Completely blown away by the inappropriateness.

Another friend (T) and I are going as well. The four of us are driving down together. T and I agreed to room together (cheaper that way) at the hotel our friends suggested on the invite. She and I both thought we should offer this other girl the opportunity to share our room.

We could only shake our heads over this ridiculous situation- I did not realize we were starring in a really lame RomCom.

So I talked to the silly girl and offered her the opportunity to share our room and one of the first things she says is that at least it will be cheaper for you guys…. Um, how about thank you for saving me from an awkward situation I should never have said yes to????

I think I may have smacked her (only her knee) and called her a goob a couple times- light punishment for a stupid move.

I am still shaking my head.


~ by angryegg on September 7, 2011.

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