When Your Ovaries Can Get You Into Trouble….


My friend said not to judge her harshly because she thought one of the guys in the office was looking pretty hot the other day.

If I had water in my mouth I would have done a spit take.

She was howling as I gave her a look and asked if she was ovulating.

It’s not that he is unattractive but his nails are super manicured (shiver) and he has this affinity for wide leg pants that is a total attraction killer.

We laughed but then it got me thinking….

How many times has biology gotten us into trouble? Tipped us towards doing things that we regret later? And I am not just talking the teenage years when one was practically a slave to surging hormones and everything was tragic or the most amazing thing ever!

I mean, our appearance will change slightly when we are fertile and the type of person we are attracted to changes depending on where we are in our cycle so how else are our hormones affecting us?

It’s not like we don’t have free will (though tempting, let’s not go off on this tangent…) but how often has our internal chemistry tipped us over to the dark side.

And how often are we just so desperate for intimacy that we just jump the next person that comes along?

Are we ever rational about the choices we make?

I once let down my guard, got myself out of a potentially sticky situation (never thought I’d be the “other woman” by omission) but had the fortitude to say no when the scumbag came sniffing around again.

We explain away questionable behaviour as something we did because we were young and stupid but is there more to it?

And how do you know if something is “real” or if you just need a cuddle?

I’m not ovulating right now but I’m chock-a-block full of hormones while I wait for the next phase in the IVF cycle.

So what am I doing worrying about love and lust?

Do you really have to ask?


~ by angryegg on May 19, 2011.

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