Blind Date Post-mortem

So I went on my first blind date ever last night.

It was a surreal experience…. Very out of body.

I felt like such a dork and I couldn’t help thinking why I didn’t get these rites of dating out of the way when I was younger and better able to bounce back!

I found his email in my junk folder at work Saturday morning. This weekend was atypically crazed so I didn’t bother replying right away and left it to Monday morning. A couple emails later he suggested meeting after work.

#$%@! Of course I had decided comfort would take precedence over looking like a girl yesterday but I agreed because I did not want to continue to over think it. This meant I had no choice but to go home and change. The caveat? I couldn’t dress so noticeably different as to invite comment from coworkers.

(Yes, we never leave high school.)

I was feeling more confident but still wanted to puke from nerves (butterflies being swallowed whole by snakes ripped to shreds by mongoose taken down by lions hunted by big game hunters with BIG ASS HIGH CALIBRE SHOTGUNS).

It’s not like you ever want to put expectations on this kind of thing but one can’t help feeling a wee bit hopeful- otherwise why would anyone put themselves through the ringer like this?

I asked how I would recognize him- not mentioning that I had seen a Youtube video of him and his band and a picture on their Myspace page. The kicker was he looked completely different. Not much help.

So he sent a picture taken at his desk and my first thought was nerd. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nerd and I tend to like guys with a touch of dorkiness. Besides, I take horrible photos so I am the last one to judge. Ultimately his personality would either make him cuter or more vile.

So what happened?

He got cuter. He’s really nice, he doesn’t live in his parents basement, he is gainfully employed, he’s not a dummy, he seems to be interested in the world around him, likes karaoke, is pretty active and social and comes from a close-knit Irish (Catholic?) family that gets together for Sunday dinners. Nice right? Of course we only had beverages so he could have appalling table manners- not a deal breaker but definitely a turnoff.

But he is young- early 30’s most likely. That is not a problem for me but that I am much older may be an issue for him.

Or the fact that I was (or rather felt like) a complete spaz the entire time we were at the restaurant. The Beer Bistro tends to be a little on the loud side and I kept asking him to repeat stuff so he probably thinks I’m deaf. And did I mention I am not good with eye contact?

I thought it was pretty funny he gave himself an out by making arrangements with his brother for dinner. I didn’t want to laugh because I was going to use going back to work as my excuse if he turned out to be a psycho killer.

Saying good-bye at the end of the night was a little awkward because I think he was expecting me to hop on the subway. I could see this quickly becoming a “friend” situation but at the last minute he leaned in and we hugged….

I’ll continue to overanalyze this because I’m an INTJ Virgo after whom Hamlet was modeled- but this gesture tweaked my thinking.

But he’s off to Scotland to tour and anything can happen in a few weeks (as I continue to ask myself why I said some of the things I said), I am really glad I did not tell him I write a blog and that he would likely feature prominently in the next post.


~ by angryegg on May 17, 2011.

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