So, Are You Still Single and Looking?


I hadn’t even had my morning cup of coffee when a friend at work asked me if I was actively on the market.

Well, “Good morning to you too.”

How does one respond to that?

Yes and maybe?

I wasn’t really prepared for this question.

First thing in the morning.

Out of the blue.

Still not quite awake.

I must have made a face because my other friend laughed.

He doesn’t know this guy but his friend asked if he knew any single women for a friend of his.

And then he immediately prefaced this with ‘I’ve never had any luck being set up on a blind date but are you interested?’

Hello ringing endorsement.

Here is what he knows.

He works for the government.

Not a positive or a negative- depending how he votes.

He’s in finance or accounting.

Gah- not so good but I shouldn’t judge so harshly because I am not my job either.

He’s younger.

Bonus fries- my preference actually.

He plays bass in a band- better, depending on the music.

(I am sure you are all wondering why I’m single.)

But if he’s in a band, why does he need help meeting girls?

(This is me over thinking things- again.)

But what do I really have to lose?

A bit of time, self-respect, dignity…. In reality, even if it goes to sh!t, there is little I can’t get over.

So I told the setter-upper to reveal whatever information he wishes- since he doesn’t know anything that could hurt me- and if the boy in question is amenable, we can go from there.

But damn, he told him I was Asian and now I may have to deal with THAT expectation.

Isn’t singledom grand?


~ by angryegg on April 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “So, Are You Still Single and Looking?”

  1. Dating is like a job interview. Date as many as possible and pick the best one that suits you. So go on the date, make the best of it and decide the next day if you want to date him again. You WILL take something from the date, either a business connection, a piece of information you didn’t know before or maybe even he has a friend that is more compatible for you. You never know. What is that Asian expectation??? I’m in the dark on that one.

  2. My GOD! It IS like a job interview! No wonder I suck at it. 🙂 That is a very positive attitude to take and I am going to try and go in with that frame of mind. The “Asian” thing is the quiet, submissive, subserviant stereotype that I am the COMPLETE opposite. It can be a bit tough to get past.

  3. I have only been dating for about 2 years (I was married for a long while) And at first I expected every date to just click, whether it was an online date that I met from and thought was just great or a friend/relative that set me up with a “perfect match” . But quickly found that chemistry was very important and saw that forcing a second date did not work. Now I go on as many dates as I can and enjoy each one to the fullest. One Lady I met up with at Starbucks, and we had coffee and chatted for 2 hours about her growing up in an Hispanic family and her being an only child and me being from a big family. I was never bored, but knew that the chemistry was not there. She did also and we shook hands and said goodbye. 3 months later she introduced me to a coworker of hers and we had a great 3 month relationship the I really enjoyed. So you never know. Pay-it-forward. Good luck. Go on the “Interview” and get “the job” or walk away if it’s not right for you.

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