TTC Love Connection

I was feeling lazy this morning and I had gotten caught up in the news about the 8.9 earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami warnings so there was no other option but to TTC into work this morning.

I hate taking the TTC but I am also fighting sickness so it seemed like the prudent thing to do.

Armed with my iPod and a copy of Never Let Me Go, I didn’t expect to stumble across a chance encounter that may turn into a love connection….

Not for me- silly people!!!

I got on a not crowded subway car (surprising- I should buy a lottery ticket for tonight), opened my book and started to read. The train jerked forward and I took my eye off the page and saw this guy with his chin in one hand looking dreamily at the girl next to him.

Seriously, the guy had stars in his eyes. She was pretty but hers is not a face I would remember.

I was honestly trying to read the book but the train was a little herky-jerky so I was already a little distracted.

She was in town visiting friends but was on her way out because she had all her luggage with her- a lot of stuff for four days. He recommended Kensington but she was meeting two groups of people today so she would probably be relying on them to take her around.

What I didn’t initially realize was they had just met on the train- in my screenplay he offered her his seat and sat next to her when another seat opened up. They introduced each other when he said they should keep in touch. A. suggested Facebook and JM gave his USC email which she entered into a smartphone or maybe an iPad because he seemed impressed by it. (This is pure circumspection because I was getting off at St. George).

Yes, I’m nosy but I know I wasn’t the only one who was witnessing this.

I am not sure if A. was trying to hold him off with the Facebook suggestion or if she was playing safe just in case JM was a psycho- you can’t be too careful these days. He seemed much more into her- I guess guys like soft-spoken girls who need help- and maybe she is used to this kind of random attention.

Who knows what will happen- if anything- it was just the most entertaining bit of TTC romcom drama I have seen in a while.

Maybe the TTC doesn’t suck so much afterall….


~ by angryegg on March 11, 2011.

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