A General Malaise….

I don’t know when it started to snow but it is coming down steadily, light but steady- and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon.

I could tell something was up with the weather because the quality of light from the sliver of my window that is not covered by the curtain was muted.

As weather systems go, it could be much worse but I lay in bed in a general state of malaise for no reason other than the little bit of light I could see suggested a lack of sunshine and blue skies.

I need something to slap me out of this post vacation funk. Volunteers?

Okay, I am not thinking an actual physical slap- I’m not hysterical or anything- but I hope it is just a post vacation thing….

A very kind person just came back from a Tim’s run with my Toonie in hand because the machine that spits out the French Vanilla coffee is busted.

Sniff. Stinky office coffee with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream (that I have stashed in the freezer at work) it is.

On the bright side, it is quite warm, hovering around zero, so I walked out with just a light cloth jacket over a cardigan, turtleneck and cords. Friends who can’t deal with cold just turned blue at the thought.

Some people in the office were bemoaning the length of the Canadian winter. One was experiencing her first “real” Canadian winter- she spent her first winter in Canada in Vancouver- which doesn’t count.

I was walking around with a friend a couple weeks ago and she was speculating/wishing/hoping it would be the last cold snap of the year. I think I laughed in her face. Ah, not bloody likely.

I actually have plans to go to Ottawa next weekend and we are hoping to skate on the Rideau so I hope it stays cold for at least another week. Cross fingers. I am driving down with a friend and her daughter and we will be staying with another great friend and my four “official” godkids. My goddaughter is actually super excited the girls will outnumber the boys. Teehee.

Maybe five rambunctious super high octane kids will take me out of my general state of blah. I am sure they are looking forward to kicking my butt on the Wii- I suck at those games. I’ll either snap out of it or I’ll be too tired to think.

Maybe some dark chocolate would do the trick…. I’m down with self-medication of the legal (and not so legal) variety….

Or some window shopping….

I just picked up a copy of “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” at the library so a few hours with Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist will be the smack I need.

Certainly a few hours of not so depressing music would help….

Perhaps I just need to get my butt back in the gym and let the endorphins pick me up. I’ll hate the exercise while I am in the middle of it but I know I’ll feel great afterwards.

Or maybe I’ll take drumming lessons….

How hysterical would that be- perhaps not so much for the people who live with me….


~ by angryegg on February 25, 2011.

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