Vacation Head Won’t Go Away

I got back from Mexico Saturday night and immediately fell into veg mode.

To call me sloth-like would only begin to scratch the surface.

I had intended to go into work the next day to get a jump start on the piles of emails and work that accumulated my week away.

Yeah, right.

Who was I kidding?


I didn’t even unpack until Tuesday. Laundry? Ha! Maybe tomorrow after work- though it is my intention to sort and bag it tonight- the operative word being “intention.”

To my feeble credit, I did some hand washing on Monday. Hey, bikinis count!

My attention span is non-existent right now. I can barely string together a coherent thought- let alone argue my case for anything more complicated than my choice of an apple fritter over a sour cream donut.

You may laugh but it is pretty pathetic.

I have been making lists in the vain attempt to keep myself on track- or at least jog my memory when I find myself staring into space.

Of course it would help if I actually looked at my lists….

I saw my financial advisor today and I wrote him some big cheques for investments he introduced me to before I left for my trip. That was probably not the smartest thing to do when I still have vacation head but they made sense to me before my trip so I have to trust my gut (and the number crunching I did two weeks ago).

This will sound stupid but I felt a little guilty about having the luxury of doing nothing if I wanted when what I spent to be there for a week would be the equivalent of the average Mexican’s monthly salary. I even noticed a change in the behaviour of some people over the course of the week- dismissiveness towards the staff replaced manners.

If I ever get like that, shoot me.

I am sure some of the staff found my feeble attempts to speak Spanish laughable but a smile always works. Actually, some of the staff started to call me tequila by the end of the stay.

I am sure I have no idea what that was about.

I wish I knew what would snap me back to “normal.” It’s not that I am not aware of what needs to be done but a general lack of caring (not always a bad thing) and the fog is getting a wee bit tiresome. I would feel more anxious that I am not making any headway if it weren’t for the post vacation (why does it feel like it happened months ago?) haze- and I am not entirely sure that is a bad thing right now.

Hmmmm, maybe I should have picked up a hammock when I was there….


~ by angryegg on February 24, 2011.

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