Adele Makes Me Ball

But in a good way.

Her latest release, 21, dropped yesterday in North America. You can listen to the entire album here if you go quickly because they change up the offerings.

If track #11  Someone Like You had come out in the summer when my almost nine year relationship imploded, it would have been on constant repeat. Everyone within earshot would have wanted to smack me- beautiful music and hysterics is not a pretty combination.

I saw her at Massey Hall the last time she was on tour and she was amazing.

No tricks. No light show. No costume changes. No scantily clad dancers.

Just her ridiculous voice accompanied by musicians.

Simple. Clean.

She needs nothing else.

I have listened to the album a few times and it just gets better with each pass.

Have you checked out some of her recent performances? She almost seems a little overwhelmed by the applause at the end of her performance at the Baftas (of course it’s the song that kills me every time) and Letterman gushing after her performance Monday night…. Somebody has a crush.

She is talented beyond words but so many incredibly talented people never break through the Britneys and Miley Cyruses of this world. We are so lucky she was able to rise above the muck and I love that she wasn’t forced to become a triple “0” to do it.

A second album is such a scary and intimidating proposition when her first was such a success. So many people never make it beyond this point but have a listen (or two or three). I don’t think we have to worry that Adele will wash up any time soon.

She is promoting “21” in a big way right now and I hope she brings it back to Toronto….


~ by angryegg on February 23, 2011.

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