Is It Ironic or Just an Interesting Coincidence?

Or My First Attempt at Internet Dating Ends With a Whimper

I knew my subscription was ending soon so when I checked it the other day I laughed out loud when I realized it coincided with my departure for my friend’s wedding in Mexico.

Okay, so this is not exactly earth-shattering but interesting- especially since I was a last minute plus one because the invitee dumped his boyfriend.

A friend of mine was a bit deflated by my nothing results from six months on eHarmony- she, like I, was seduced by their clever marketing campaign. In all honesty I did not “put myself out there” as much as I could have but in all honesty my “matches” were frighteningly underwhelming or hilariously serial killer.

It often had me wondering “Is it me?”

Is there something about me that is a lure for guys who think topless shots of them flexing is the shortest path to my heart?

Or the brow-raising number of guys who think “The da Vinci Code” is the best book ever???

And I stopped counting the number of my “matches” who had MULTIPLE pictures of himself on a motorbike, standing beside the bike Vanna White style or just pictures of the bike itself.

I have to laugh but a small part of me wonders if this is all there is….

I don’t feel or look my age but I am lumped in that invisible demographic- where I have a better chance being struck by lightening twice than finding someone. Okay, I exaggerate slightly but I’m not that far off.

It’s not that I will give up on love for myself- I’m just not going to let not having someone prevent me from having a life.

With that, I’m going to torture myself and check on my flight….


~ by angryegg on February 12, 2011.

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