Storm Watch 2011- For Real?

People have been freaking out about this for days and the news has been feeding the frenzy.

<Cue ominous music.>

Some even came to work today with jammies and candy bars in hand- just in case.

Of course it is better to be prepared than not but come on, are we not Canadian?

Are we going to let a little snow scare us into hibernation?

Apparently the answer is yes.

The streets were quite deserted and the subway was packed. Many restaurants and bars closed early. I saw people trying to open the door to Clinton’s and hesitated, slightly dumbfounded, when they realized their watering hole was closed.

People were asking if I had made contigency plans for tomorrow. I walk to work or TTC if I sleep in- which I hate to do- take the TTC, that is, not sleep in.

I have my trusty Sorels by the front door, a hat, gloves, scarf, wool duffle coat with a hood….

What more do I need?

Okay, I don’t have snow shoes but I do have cross country skis. I could break out my Jean-Claude Killy ski outfit but that seems a little excessive.

The storm hit Chicago this afternoon and is suppose to hit Toronto around 11pm but not really get going until around 3am.

A weather-geek friend of mine at work was freaking out as he tracked the movement of the storm. His plan was to stock up on beer and firewood.


The liquor store was still open when I walked back home so I am sure the Beer Store was equally accommodating tonight.

Is the rest of the country laughing at us again? I am sure they are.

I would. Be laughing, that is.

As a concession, I’ll throw some granola bars in my knapsack along with all my gear for boot camp but I won’t go as far as pull out my umbrella.

I’m Canadian- a little snow (if it doesn’t skip by us) is not going to send me cowering in the corner. Besides, the extra resistance (from the up to 18″ of snow that is being projected) will be a good warm-up for class but even better? The extra calories burned will earn me some chocolate.

But I digress….

As far as the weather goes, I say bring it.



~ by angryegg on February 1, 2011.

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