New Year, New Hare

I mean hair and hare- since it will be the Year of the Rabbit in less than a week. (Okay, I’ll stop trying to be punny.)

Some people go shopping when under the gun.

Some will head to the spa to relax their nerves.

Some choose to eat themselves into a food coma.

Others will workout to let the release of endorphins ease some of the tension.

I may do some of the above but under extremely stressful circumstances, I take the shears to my hair.


Did I just hear someone gasp?


I will get to a point where I just can’t take it anymore. Since making an extreme change with my hair is a fairly harmless outlet, why not?

Unfortunately, the mood will strike at the most inopportune times (usually at 2am in the morning) and the one person I trusted to give me a drastic change passed away a year and a half ago so I resorted to doing it myself. Saving the $50-100 it would cost to have it done in a salon is a bonus fry but when I need it done, I need it done right away.

I even asked my sister to do it (despite the infamous ear cutting incident) but she didn’t want the responsibility of anything other than a straight cut across the bottom. How boring would that be?

I have trimmed my bangs before, made changes to professional hair cuts and even cut the hair of some very trusting friends so I wasn’t too worried.

Besides, hair grows back.

The first time I took drastic measures was a few months after my dad passed. I couldn’t deal with the long hair anymore and gave myself a long-ish pixie with my then boyfriend tidying up the back a titch.

This time, a different set of stressful situations (bad break-up, stupidness at work, trying to have a baby on my own, having my mom move in with me….) prompted the desire to get shorn.

But I had to do lop it off before the Chinese New Year so two weeks ago, the scissors came out- and I haven’t stopped tweaking it since.

I’m not obsessed. Really, I’m not….

The bangs have been cut twice (shorter, more jagged) and I keep noticing stray bits so they have to go too.

My hair grows really fast (both a blessing and a curse) so there is a ample opportunity to play but since I can’t make any alterations around the new year, I have to impose a haircutting embargo on my scissor-twitchy fingers of this Saturday. Plus, I don’t want to be bald (been there, done that, don’t want to deal with the velcro stage of growing that out.)

So what does it look like?

One friend described it as “very gamine.”

In a few months (if I can lay off cutting it for that long) I am going to chop it up and make it more anime.

That could be fun- though stressful for my mom because she thinks guys prefer girls with long hair.



~ by angryegg on January 27, 2011.

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