I Gave Into One of My Addictions


I couldn’t help myself.

The yellow signs practically slapped me in the face on my way home from my first hot pilates/yoga class Sunday afternoon.


One can never have too many reference books….

I don’t know when this sale started but I think I came pretty late to the game. What they were liquidating was pushed to the back (the front and eventually the whole space will be dedicated to New Age books) and the pickings were pretty slim but no worries, even if I came up empty handed, it was an opportunity for me to thaw out.

I told myself I was limited to only what could be stuffed into my already over-stuffed knapsack. If I could wedge it between my towel and gym clothes then it was all good.

What did I walk out with? An old book on tennis instruction from a series published by Tennis Magazine (a slice serve would come in handy), an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Player Handbook (from 1978) and a “flip” book decorating guide- a very handy manual breaking down the steps you need to take to pull together a room.

I had also been carrying around a book on how to write fiction but there just wasn’t room- the zipper would have busted for sure.

The shopkeeper and the only other customer in the shop were hysterical. They both commented on my purchases. “Tennis is a great sport.” Yes it is. “Ahhh, D&D, did you play?” Of course. I admitted to being a card carrying member of old-school nerdom- something that could be denied considering what I had just wedged between my deodorant and hair gel.

The proprietor (who shares space with a vintage clothing store in the basement and who encouraged me to try on a pair of ridiculous shoes I had picked up from a display on my way out) alone is enough to make me go to the store again- even when he finally makes the transition to all things New Age. And it wouldn’t take too much to be persuaded to check out some of the vintage fare they have downstairs….

Three books for $3.15- considering this came in just over the price of a ride on the TTC, they more than made up for the blustery trudge home on foot in -20°C weather!


~ by angryegg on January 25, 2011.

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