Bootcamp Day Two Kicked My Ass But I Feel Great!

I was kind of dreading the workout today because I am very sore- like old lady not very mobile sore.

After the session, I felt great- like $5000. And the bonus fry? I did not feel like puking at all and saw no stars.

I promised myself I would not be a lazy ass and got out of bed early enough to walk to the gym for my second bootcamp session this morning. I lay in bed about 30 minutes after the alarm went off, trying to convince myself to throw off the covers and move.

The threat of a hike in TTC fares did the trick. The idea of paying $3 to get to a gym to exercise when it only takes about 45 minutes to walk (in good weather) seems a little moronic.

The slog through the snow helped loosen my muscles and the $3 I saved can go towards a discounted tea latte this afternoon at Starbucks. Maybe- there are probably a lot of calories in those things.

We did circuit training today in small groups. Thankfully there was one woman who was about my level and another a bit above- one who didn’t make me feel like a schlub and another to aim for. Perfect.

A friend of mine told me about this website she signed up with to track her caloric intake and log in the amount of exercise she did because I very casually mentioned that I should probably pay closer attention to what I was eating.

I went to the website and hesitated. I am not really a joiner but I figured I had nothing to lose (it’s free) and everything to gain (what’s a little humiliation if a reach my goals).

I am not sure if the calorie expenditure is accurate though. According to their calculations, my 45 minute brisk walk to the gym, my 60 bootcamp and 35 minute moderately paced walk to work gives me an additional 900+ calories to play with food-wise- in addition to the 1200 calories per day I’m allowed if I want to lose .8lbs per week (with the understanding I would do 300 minutes of exercise per week).

Uh-huh. I am treating a friend to Baskin Robbins today so I think I hope I have banked enough to not put me over the edge.

Ironically, the people putting on the bootcamp are offering a webinar on proper nutrition tonight….


~ by angryegg on January 12, 2011.

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