Bootcamp Day One Kicked My Ass

So this morning was the first day of a “4-week Transformation” Boot Camp Program.

The idea is to kick my flabby ass into the New Year.

I only wanted to puke twice, saw stars once and thought about my last minute trip to Mexico the second week in February.

Is it bad that I have already started to count down the number of classes remaining?

 I may walk to and from work most days (logging about 60 km per week) but I haven’t done anything super intense since the tennis season ended in July.

Not good.

I slogged my way in a heavy snow fall to the gym Saturday morning for a weigh-in, body-fat analysis and measurements…. We had to get there early so we could get to dim sum on time. J

It wasn’t pretty.

My waist measurement is at the upper limit of healthy and while I thought my body fat percentage was heinous, I fall (just) within the average category.

Not great but it could have been worse.

This was not mandatory but I bit the bullet (and risked ridicule) to get quantifiable results instead of doing the “how loose are my clothes” trick, which in a pinch, also works.

I set my weight loss goal at five pounds- doable for someone of my midget status who refuses to starve. I want to drop my body fat percentage by 3.5 percent (if I reach my weight goal, I should hit this one) and lower my waist measurement by two inches. Of course I want to do more but this session is only four weeks- 12 days total. To get myself into the fit category (body fat percentage-wise), I would have to lose about 10lbs of blub (sigh) but I want this to be sustainable and I want to lose fat, not muscle.

This was a FabFind special. The regular $199 price tag is a little too rich for my blood but this was a great way to try out Evolution Fitness. The program is stripped down, unfussy and takes place in a boxing gym. The instructors were very supportive and we are encouraged to listen to our bodies and take it up or take it down depending on how we feel.

I like to think I took it to my limit today but I want to continue pushing to get myself to the point where I won’t send small children screaming at the sight of me in a bikini….

One day down, 11 to go- looking forward to it.


~ by angryegg on January 10, 2011.

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