An Expensive Trip to Baskin Robbins….

So a girlfriend and I went to Kiehl’s because she needed some heavy duty cream and the plan was to go to Baskin Robbins for their version of the DQ Blizzard and then it was back to the office for me….

Drudge, drudge, drudge.

Fortunately/unfortunately I suggested we pop into John Fluevog for a quick look….

Yeah, right.

$500 later….

There were so many amazing styles but this one caught my eye in the Petrol Blue and I got the last 7.5 in stock. My friend said it was a sign.


I was saying to the salesclerk that I have had to stick with ankle boots because it was very tough finding boots to fit over my ginormous calves. He gave me the “I’ve got something for you” look and pointed out boots that he was currently stretching for another client- brought out the boot being stretched out, in fact.

Dare I hope?

Hell, why not try them on…. They were a bit snug but I could pull them on- nothing a little stretching couldn’t solve. So I ended up walking out with these as well in Purple (coincidentally, the last size 8 in stock)- picked them up today, all stretched and ready to go.

Stop me! I am out of control!!!

These bring the total to four pairs of boots that have come home with me in the last two weeks. Granted they were all steeply discounted, a long-standing loan  was returned in full with a little extra for all the pain she caused and I deposited $5000 in my TFSA on Tuesday… (Justify, justify, justify….)

This doesn’t quite alleviate the sting of the ones that couldn’t be but the purple ones come close….

This is a watershed moment. Like the world is fresh and new and the possibilities are limitless….

Don’t scoff.

Feeling confident and positive (hopefully not delusional) and being open to what life can bring you (if this is sounding too much like The Secret, you can kill me now) while rocking killer boots?

Just bring it! I can handle anything that comes my way.


~ by angryegg on January 6, 2011.

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