I’m Wearing Jeggings, Hell Has Frozen Over

I have been out of the fashion game for a long time so I am not the person you go to for the latest and greatest “must haves” of the season.

Well, I suppose they are not really “this season” anymore but that I am wearing them is kind of crazy.

I hope this will not elicit “What was she thinking?” from passers-by.

We have all seen the people who wear wildly-inappropriate-for-their-body-type outfits- and not just on Halloween or Science Fiction Conventions. I could post pictures but I don’t think you need reasons to toss your cookies.

I mean, I only got my first pair of skinny jeans this summer (thank you Value Village) and I did the leggings thing in the 90’s (!). My big concern is not looking like an over-stuffed sausage about to split its light-coloured denim casing.

I only heard the term “jeggings” a year ago when I told a friend I liked her jeans and she told me they were actually a hybrid.

Who knew?

I felt luck such a country bumpkin but I never thought I would actually wear them…. They seem like something “kids” wear or people with skinny legs.

Not me and definitely not me.

I wouldn’t even have them if my sister hadn’t picked them up at Sally Ann without trying them on. The XS H&M jeggings she has already are loose so you can just imagine that the S would fall off her non-existent hips.

Her loss, my apparent gain.

Well, I didn’t hear anyone gag today, no sharp intakes of breath, no loud whispers. I was smart enough to wear a top long enough to mostly cover my butt and everything looks better the Converse high-tops.

They would probably be better if they weren’t six inches too long but I think these will go into regular rotation until the doyens of fashion deem it déclassé to be seen in them.


~ by angryegg on January 4, 2011.

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